Do more by doing less.

An alternative way of running your business? Helping you connect to multiple marketplaces and accounting solutions, end-to-end. Whether it's bringing transactions in from Shopify or Woocommerce or automatically generating invoices for Takealot customers using automated scheduling tools, you’re sure to find a way to cut down on the manual work you are currently doing every day.

Solutions when you need them.

Within your application you may enable features as you need them. Through a subscription model additional features can be enabled or disabled should you no longer require them. At every step you may generate on-point reporting in a document format of your choice.

Ready to get started?

Grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and begin to explore the Marketplace Genie. It won't take long and if, by chance, you get stuck or have a question we will be here to help. So let's get started on the road to your success.

No credit card required. Instant set-up.